Monday, February 11, 2008


It was a routine now. Once maa and papa were off to work, I’d go and switch on the computer. While it would boot, I’d go running all over the house to pick up things that lay scattered because once I’m on my machine I lose track of time. And when maa gets back home and sees all this mess as it is, she erupts like a volcano. So once I’m done with squaring away matter I’d sit glued to my computer chair.
Click-click, click-click, click. I’d open a couple of windows to check up all my different mail accounts. Log on to the messenger to catch up with pals online. Select my song playlist, put on my headphones and begin to hum along-to give my vocals a little work out. I’d flip from one site to the other, one window to the next. I was reading one of those long forwarded mails when I felt the room go darker, the brightness of the screen flashed in my eyes and squeezed my pupils. The bare parts of my body felt the chill in the breeze and the fragrance of wet mud brimmed my nostrils. And in an instance I realized it was raining outside. As I turned around and looked towards the balcony, I was correct. I got up and went towards it and stood there in pure admiration of nature’s beauty. Birds flying to the nearest shelter and having found one they would flutter their wings and cuddle themselves with their beaks. The trees swayed along with the wind and got drenched in heavenly waters. Each leaf and branch became new and fresh as the dirt got washed out. And when the rain drops hit the ground it felt as if every grain of mud jumped in rejoice. In other second the wind splashed the rain drops on my face and I smiled too. No wonder waters from above have something majestic in them, something mesmerizing. And I stood there soaking in the beauty of the drenched and fresh nature.