Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Empty your trash and travel along the winds of change…

If you ever happen to be sad, perturbed or feel less loved, close your eyes, rewind your life and play it slowly. Recollect every single person you have come across, see and sense all of it again. The constellation of your memories will take you down the lanes of nostalgia, where you can relive and witness all the moments gone by, from a distance. When you look at them afresh after so long; you will experience a childlike innocence- full of inquisitiveness. Once you watch the sequence of events unravel you will be awestruck at the revelations on the other side, which have silently lain unnoticed and went amiss in the heat of the moment. You would, now be able to see the complete picture and see through it, which would join the loose ends of the thread that have till now created unrest in you.

Some of these moments will bring you a curvaceous smile, some just a smirk, other might make you blush as well. However, you might as well encounter moments that you have feared, that have left you scarred and have had deep and dark impacts on you. Don’t run away then, face them, fight them and sail through them with a hope to see a bright light awaiting you at the end of this dark tunnel. You might as well come across people who gave you all that misery, look into their eyes and tell them with utmost truth that you have forgiven them and they are liberated from your hatred and grudge that you bear in your heart. Say it as many times as you can and say it till you feel at peace. Empty your trash, free yourself of all your grudges and let go.

Soon the tranquility of spectacular sceneries, precious and joyous moments, smiling faces of your loved ones and all the fun memories will come rushing to you, in an embrace. It is then you would move on in life and be a free soul, light as a leaf ready to travel along the winds of change…

Monday, February 21, 2011

A pot that plopped with a popping sound….

A pot full of pebbles, placed on the window pane,

Pop went the sound, when Poo and piggy came.

Puzzled and petrified at the plopping of the pretty vase,

Poo and piggy tried to run, but papa panda came.

Pootling towards them, papa panda growled,

Putt went another pot, and a baby squirrel was found.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Multi facets of a Woman, put the real face of her in jeopardy!

I always wanted to write about womanhood from quite some time now, but it was bewildering for me to choose a start point. There is lots of beauty attached to being a woman than just being pretty and glamorous. Also, there could be 'n' number of instances that can be brought to light to portray the multiple roles she plays with her enormous zeal. But I had never thought I would begin with spotting one of her dilemas in life.

Being a woman myself, I have grown up watching lots of women around me, from having studied in a girls school, college to having many friends in and out of office and further learning and observing from the women of both my families. They work the hardest of all with all rigour and zeal but they often collapse being dissatisfied too. They shell out all their love and energies but often at the cost of themselves. Of course they themselves are to be blamed for it but then there is also the society and the patriarchal system of value to be blamed too.

This system being the base of our society has gone to be so robust that you will often find a woman burdened with tonnes of expectations by another woman itself. I well understand the key role of a woman in the family and agree that she really needs to steer certain values and discipline to all her further generations but at the same time I back her personal space too. By all means she has all rights of being herself, devoting time to keep up with her interests in life and may be go away- into the state of blankness much like the men, which can happen only if the levels of expectations from her are lowered a bit.

Over the many generations these expectations go higher, suppressing her to do and work the way that other women in the family have been doing but the matter of fact is, the woman of today needs to evolve with the times and keep up to them. Being humans of limited capabilities, it is important to understand that while meeting a few expectations, she might loose out on a few others but just bragging about your experience into her ears all the time would not help but only create much chaos and noise in her head, leading her to drown her own being in the rising levels of expectations.

I know I might be looking at just one aspect of it and might be hind sighted, but again I will learn gradually. Many will have their own set of point of views and might completely disown my thoughts, end up being disappointed after reading it all but then my message to them is to lower their level of expectations and simply observe how I evolve.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spying your spouse-to-be!

The very thought to this title is scary and even more so to those who are thinking to tie the knot recently. But those who have already plunged into this nuptial agreement have mastered the art of sailing through the waters of marriage and tides of circumstances.

No, I write on it not to create some tremors in your already building up courtship, rather this is an impromptu statement that I quoted while working on one of my clients that serve almost a similar kind of service. I know their intentions are great but with all the casting couches, spy cams, controversies and emotional atyachars of the world doing a round, your mind does get a little too wacky and wicked at times.

So basically, they offer you all the information services so that you know the historical, geographical, economical, physiological (and who knows what all) backgrounds before you tie the knot or not!

Yes now that’s what I call Spying your spouse-to-be….

Count Your Blessings

Often we realize-not what we have, unless we hear the under privileged speak about it.

When I quote, “under privileged”, I refer not to those who are hand to mouth or those who fall in the category of BPL, but of those who have certain restriction and obligations. Those who wish to touch the sky but speak not about it but silently trick their hollering heart and mind. They have dreams to accomplish but wait for the time to strike a chord with their fate.

And on the other hand are those who are blessed with worldly pleasures but fail to cherish the nectar. They have no time to capitalize the worth of every moment spent in merriment, but to only look down on things left undone, spotting the blots and poking into the loop holes of every situation and person they encounter.

But one fine day when curtains of thanklessness are raised; they realize the beauty beneath the naked skin and crib not for the fur or a piece of cloth to drape anymore; rather they find solace and thankfulness in being blessed with crystal soul and serene sentiments, sensing life and taking pride in being the blessed one.