Wednesday, September 17, 2014

But I Think There's More To Me!

But I think I am more, much more than I know of me. Beyond what I think I can ever be. Deep within and under wraps, there lies a little unexplored side to see. Quiet, yet active subconsciously. The masquerade side that plays hide & seek. It sings out loud and stirs a storm, but tough it is to know the words of the song. So I dive in the depths of my thoughts, try and figure out their source. I struggle to trace back the signs, fiddle a little with my soul divine. Listen to the sound it makes, with not ears but my heart, the echoes of which begin to get sparse. I run, jump, walk and bend to see, if it’s hiding in there, beneath. I go all around helplessly. Buzzing with commotion, I become fidgety. Tired and fatigued, I sit down with my head drooping low. Unable to settle the ripping roar, I feel it hurting me and making my inside a little sore. Mood bird now singing a melancholy, it flutters in a higgledy-piggledy state. Soon, salty drops begin to drip. And I begin to reflect. Finally the inside dialogue begins. Cleansing the misunderstandings, pouring out all petty woes of sensitivity; soon I hear the saddened me speak out to me merrily. Yes I am happy, but I still think, there’s more to me.