Saturday, April 28, 2012

I want the fruits to ripen now!

I stand on faith,
Holding onto hope,
Passing through the same patch,
Wishing to sense no more pain.

Suffered; I have, silently,
Patient; I have been, enough,
Working effortlessly,
For I want the fruits to ripen now!

Friday, April 27, 2012

Bedspread of Memories

Weaving beautiful words,
With threads of colourful emotions
I’m creating a bedspread of memories.

And when you’ll be back to me,
We shall lie on it,
Soaking in comfort,
Smiling at our love-journey.

When times get cold and skies turn grey
We’ll lie beneath it,
Cozy in our shelter,
Rejoicing each other’s company.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sweet little goodness of moments…comes in little packets of joy.

Out at about 9:30 am, I was waiting to catch an auto at the stand when I saw a school bus pass by. It was packed with overwhelmed kids, who must be in grade 6 or 7. Singing out songs aloud, clapping, some eating chips, some waving and making faces at the crowd, they were all pumped up. Of course they were off for a picnic, for two obvious reasons, one it was 9:30 am and two it’s a good feeling to go to school but the excitement like there’s matched only of a study free-classless day.

Oh the joys of childhood and school days, when we cribbed to be grown ups. And today unlike teachers and homework we have bosses and deadlines where we have both home and office work that never seems to end.  Picnics, well we all go out for a movie or an outing but nothing can match being with friends, together on board in a school bus and doing all that a teacher asked us not to.

But again, our times today are also great, which I soon realized when I saw an aged woman standing next to me. Moving her neck looking at the slowly passing by bus, her eyes met mine. She had the same joy as mine but the glare in her eyes was brighter than mine. Instantly I knew, she too was on a nostalgic trip. And then she smiled at me and said ‘joys come in little packets…you are still young, live each moment.’ And she moved towards the auto that just came to a halt, and all I could do to thank her with a smile and wave her goodbye.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are you or have you been…Brain-dazzled???

Staying packed with work all day, we mostly stay invisible on our chats. Procrastinating that long due chat with your chat friends because you need to focus. Already the Internet is quite a distraction but you can’t also do anything without it. Even if you avoid staying updated on your laptop or desktop, phones these days are smart to keep you entangled in trending topics, latest comments, recent album uploads and compliments on your recent profile pic. While you struggle to wrap your job on time and pack your presentation with all the required slides, you are reminded of the calls you need to make to the credit card company, the payments due, appointment with the doc, weekend plan to be finalized, book your tickets for the next month back to your home or an occasion to attend, file your leaves for it too.

Never do we give our mind any rest. And while we keep our brains on the roll, we are after it to store as much as possible. Stuffing and packing it with overloaded information and tasks for the day.  Suddenly, when you go to ask a colleague something, you go BLANK! As if all data erased, no traces found, you find yourself in a vacuum. I call this stage when you go Brain-dazzled!

Putting too much and trying to pull off more than you can handle, without respecting yourself and your limits leaves you bonkers! And your brain gives you back, a white-blank-blow, rubbing it in your face.

Remind yourself, how much is too much and put your foot down. If you’ve been facing such a situation when your mind is giving up, take a break and stop.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Draw your own colorful conclusions amidst others who paint it black or white for you…

Out there amongst us, there are a few perfectionists, for whom the world is either black or white. They have set standards of life and expectations form Who is who? How to behave? What to do? When to do? They are backed by strong and stringent rules and are highly judgmental. You know it or not but they are quietly noting every minute detail of yours like a body language expert. Busy in a dialogue with self, categorizing people around. Not that they are insensitive but have their own way of life. They have seen stringent rules and brought up in some type of aristocratic manner or should I say disciplined manner may be.  Quite like the y judge other and have slots for different personalities, they are sure about their own types and proud of every bit they are, despite all the fallacies that exist in them. They put their foot down on every damn thing and try making the things work their ways. Don’t really know but getting a little judgmental here I think control freak I guess would be the right word to quote for them.

But then, who gives them the right to judge? And who knows how sound are their judgments? I personally have sensed that whenever you have highly opinionated and judgmental people around, the more it makes you conscious and weary of being yourself. And life is not just about meeting every body’s standards of expectations each time, but to freely be yourself and explore the marvelous you every day. But then again, some people might take this funda as well quite lightly and that is where it gets complicated to draw the line and make out the difference. But this is for each individual to decide. We often look at ideals in our families and friends, and while we do so we must also go on in drawing our own rules with logical reasoning to define our own behavior and relationships. Because at the end it is our life and no one can make it and dwell in it like we can.

So while you listen to all opinions, judgments, advices…never forget your capabilities of decision making. Lead your life on your own terms by your set of rules and be with people who don’t bully you but give you space to be yourself.