Insight to SE

How often have you found yourself stuck amidst a situation, where you’ve not been able to put your sensations, sentiments and thoughts into words? Especially if you are an introvert, an emotional person, a person with a different frequency, thought process, a person who chooses a path un-tread, one who has a different perspective, or to simply say…a person who knows no comparison but just loves being oneself and is in a never ending quest of discovering and evolving.
This blog is an attempt to give words to the real time thoughts and sentiments- experienced and observed.

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  1. I'm probably self spending, in the sense that i turn my cheek away from all advances but do not mind putting my face on the floor at times..I believe we are that space..Scribbled or carefully written,spoken or the unspoken..empty or fulfilled..At least someone is on some wagon..coming or going...