Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yet another story…

Every day I meet so many different people, with different backgrounds and stories, and one can see the difference in their personalities. Amongst the many, I’ve been lucky enough to meet some very powerful women, who have such strong likes and dislikes. They know who they are. They are strong willed and have the courage to put their foot down. They are not fooled by emotions, but are practical, smart, shrewd and even a little foxy too. Though some of their qualities can be intimidating, but then it’s important to have these- certain basic instincts in order to survive in this world of diverse faiths.

They have not compromised with their lives ever, and have not been instructed with much of do’s and don’ts. Well at least from the story you hear, you think it’s been a great life. They are perfect babes from the chick flicks, some have maddening temperament, crazy driving skills, but so much of confidence and energy, which is infectious.

It is good that parents have raised their girls like boys, not putting many restrictions on them and letting them grow like who they are meant to be. Though I wonder what challenges parenting them must have been faced then and now. So, while they had the liberty to date as many boys, I wonder... were the limits explicitly defined to them? Regular visits to spas and saloons were taken in the right stride? Were they ever taught the value of money while they went out to go for truckloads of shopping?

Of course a lot and most of it is money matter. What class your families fit into. Suddenly when you have money, you are broad minded and liberal. Which is obvious because then each individual has personal space, personal freedom to spend for indulgence in whatever they find happiness in. Little wishes become just money matters. Where as a family with little or moderate financial condition often keeps cutting their needs, deferring their wishes and at times even goes on to sacrifice them as well. But then they share love, values, respect and are very close knit.

My mentor in Journalism College, Mr Ramesh Menon often mentioned, “Every body has a story and there’s a story everywhere.”

Coming across so many different people and situations, I feel glad everyday I’m spotting a new story. Though somewhere I wait for my story to be told, because you don’t see yourself the way others see and while you are busy admiring others, you wish some one else must admire you like a star…


  1. The world will continue to be judgmental! It is for you to take it or leave it:)

    1. Rightly said Mr Bhatia, but this is just a matter of expression and background of different people which makes them be so judgmental...

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    1. Thanks Harshita. Thanks for reading :)

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