Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Unsettled souls,
Ignorant of self,
Leading the mortals to darkness,
Who bask in the grabbed glory of others,

With corrupt intentions,
Pathless actions,
Aimless ambitions,
They crave for recognition,

Scared of efforts,
They pull back others to race ahead,
Suppress the talented,
And rise in front of the bowed heads,

Unknown of the might of the Divine,
They go about killing peace in people,
Causing deep wounds,
That hurt forever,

Dirt of years, dampen the light within...

One day they may repent it all,
When life plays havoc to them,
They’ll rub their linen to do away with blots,
When their jaded soul will cry for help,

And regret won’t let them die...

They shall then ask for mercy,
And put their pride to rest,
Seek forgiveness from conscience that suffered,
And confess the misdeeds done to others,

Fear the lord, the supreme creator,
Harm no being and never ride on pride,
We all are his, but wonderful creations,
Defaulters on self, judging people,
Who do you think you are to alter dreams of others?

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