Thursday, March 29, 2012

A skipped class… A match lost...

You skipped a class today yet again. You know same teacher is furious with you. You have least attendance in her lecture; you’ve raised your voice in her class. Yes she has ego issues, which is much in flare now because of your last argument in the class. But now things will get even worse because she has got another chance to dance up on.

In the first place you shouldn’t have missed her class, secondly you hid it from us and then you lied to your dad. Why did you ignore the voices that were hinting you that it’s not right.  Don’t ask me what voices? And you heard none of them? You knew you wouldn’t be able to convince about it to any of us, yet you did.

You missed a lecture again, for a stupid match this time, which you lost…

I know, and I can understand things that excite you easily lure you. Staying in limelight has always been your weakness since childhood. You act impulsively and like all the attention but often forget what you are losing and whatever you are deciding on, in that heat of the moment, you’re putting something else at stake.

She might be mean, but you are the needy. You are there for your course, a degree is important for you to survive some decent job. You are not mature enough to tackle her attitude, because you are immature for that. But now I tell you to take the shit from her. Go beyond bounds to impress her. Reach early in class, attend her lectures religiously, and ask her questions, stay back to talk to her. If she acts mean, act ultra sweet to her. Touch her heart and move on.

Life will test your strength as an individual by not giving you favourable people and circumstances in life. But real valour of a warrior is to keep fighting and implementing newest possible strategies to have a righteous and well-deserved victory. But come what may, never sacrifice your value system and character, else you might lose your battle to yourself.

There’s no harm in achieving your goals and taking a route that others want you to. Unless it is hurtful to the other person and damaging to your value system. When you try extra hard to earn her confidence, you are simply trying to accept her the way she is and yet appreciate her. Yes, you are doing for your marks and attendance but that’s what she is suppose to do to for you and all you are doing by these gestures of yours is, well deserve them.  You must have good intentions and that’s what should determine your acts. Put your ego aside and march ahead.

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