Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Darkness is the shade of light...

Darkness dwells in the shade of light, which is just its other side... True to say that its existence is inevitable, but this can't be the theory of your life. 

For you are bright and brimming with talent, don't let the winds blow off your fire... With the desire to glow forever, burn the dark in you to bring out more light. 

And when the darkness surrounds and surmounts you over, shake it off and embrace love... Send out words of gratitude and recall all happy memories... Let the darkness have a vision of good in your life and witness the shade of light...

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Harness positivity to fuel actions that will fill the missing blocks of your life!

Beyond and above all selfishness, there’s a free zone of goodness and positivity. But to reach that outer space one has to propel past from woes, worries, vices and all the negativity. Often the situations grip you and might hijack your brain, draining all your energies and directing them towards situations not under your control. Stop, detach and cut your emotions that very moment. Align all issues at hand in points. Analyze and prioritize them for a solution each. List out all possible solutions. See what and how much is workable and under your control. And finally sort out those problem-solution combos that are in contradiction.

All this might require a great deal of your rationale mind and lot more energy to stop your already-on-roll negativity. It is like changing the current of your thought streams. If need be, jot them on a piece of paper or use the voice recorder on your phone. If comfortable chat it out with a friend or think of it as someone else’s problem because most of us are good at solving it for others, but unable to clear it out for self; which is fine and normal, like a doctor can’t operate a dear one of their own, similarly we too get emotionally involved and surrounded by love for our life.

We keep staring at the path that we wanted our life to take and instead we miss out on the other opening that awaits us. Though that other opening might have a flicker of light guiding you or could be a path packed with sheer darkness, but have faith in what you have asked for and when you ask, ask sensibly and with full belief. Things will move, they might take some time, but soon they will reach you and fill the missing blocks of your life when it actually must.