Thursday, January 10, 2013

Long copy woes!

Long copy gives me jitters. I wonder how someone can write at such a length, making sense and keeping the enthusiasm intact. On top of it, who has the time to read it? People are always in hurry. They have little or no time to go through a tedious piece of numerous words. They hop and skip and go down the end, or simply read the heading. Words, they think just fill the space and have no memory value. Even as kids they loved stories with many illustrations. Though people say content is king, but they prefer a picture over thousand words. And oh the text! Its size and font gives them a headache. And those words that are strangers to them, stare hard making them weak and hollow inside. Dictionary can probably help them, but who refers to those bulky, monstrous, piles of paper bound together? So they simply ignore and lead a life of bliss in ignorance. Skipping past an array of alphabets and letters, they give it a blind eye, for they think it’s a forest of words that are put across to make a short story long. Rather lengthy enough, one that would put them to bed and take then to an estranged world of words, leading then to develop hippopotomonstrosesquipedaliophobia.


But do you know that you've read 223 words so far. So, in case you are one amongst those who hate long copy, you must think again about it, because it could just be a mental block. One that you just shattered right now!