Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Evening Sky

Princess feet
With her head held high
She spots a dolphin
In the evening sky!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Right in that moment!

Right or Wrong?

The definition has always been debatable, and so has the basis of ‘what is what?’ It certainly is subjective, not only to people’s POV, but also to their situations, ambitions and many other factors. It is more like a combination of everything put together in that given point in time and state of the mind. Right is nothing but maybe a formula, or an equation that would crack or balance the circumstance then, to prove a result or simply stabilize the situation. Whatever works and makes it happen then, becomes right for us, because ultimately we all want it to work. But as we move on and look back, the same might not appear right to us. It then could be wrong to you or someone else who was not in that situation then.

The whole deal is about time. Being in that moment!

It is like questioning the clock why are its two sticks called hands, and why each are named a minute and an hour hand. And why do they move differently, and why are the different angles between them determining different times.

Questioning is good, but not all the time, else it becomes doubting. Same holds to judging every decision taken or move made.

Accept what you did or said, because you felt like it…. Right in that moment!