Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Are you or have you been…Brain-dazzled???

Staying packed with work all day, we mostly stay invisible on our chats. Procrastinating that long due chat with your chat friends because you need to focus. Already the Internet is quite a distraction but you can’t also do anything without it. Even if you avoid staying updated on your laptop or desktop, phones these days are smart to keep you entangled in trending topics, latest comments, recent album uploads and compliments on your recent profile pic. While you struggle to wrap your job on time and pack your presentation with all the required slides, you are reminded of the calls you need to make to the credit card company, the payments due, appointment with the doc, weekend plan to be finalized, book your tickets for the next month back to your home or an occasion to attend, file your leaves for it too.

Never do we give our mind any rest. And while we keep our brains on the roll, we are after it to store as much as possible. Stuffing and packing it with overloaded information and tasks for the day.  Suddenly, when you go to ask a colleague something, you go BLANK! As if all data erased, no traces found, you find yourself in a vacuum. I call this stage when you go Brain-dazzled!

Putting too much and trying to pull off more than you can handle, without respecting yourself and your limits leaves you bonkers! And your brain gives you back, a white-blank-blow, rubbing it in your face.

Remind yourself, how much is too much and put your foot down. If you’ve been facing such a situation when your mind is giving up, take a break and stop.


  1. I forgot one my close friend's birthday last week because it wasn't visible on facebook ,and that's when it hit me...how paralysed we have got because of technology.
    Very nicely written :)

    1. Oh yes, not just technologically dependent but technologically driven we have become. Hope your friend is not very angry with you...
      And thanks for reading :)