Friday, August 24, 2012

Artistic Recipe for the Craft of Writing

It was a fantastic end to another simple and usual day of my life. So many like-minded people, abuzz with questions and experiences, different apprehensions and many solutions to approach them. It just made the writer in me feel more beautiful and comfortable by being amongst so many birds of the same feather.

An invite to a workshop for writers at Mocha, an initiative by Grey Oak publications, Urban Shots, Westland Books and Blogadda was one awesome experience.

Always willing to attend such sessions I never happened to make it whenever these events and opportunities occurred. But this time I just got lucky because of my brother who got this invite in his mailbox before I did. And each day I eagerly waited for this event to happen.

The gathering was small and kicked off with the peculiar situation, which writers often face, when we are restless with a pen in hand and a blank paper staring back hard at us. Though the thoughts were boiling and brewing, but they were not yet pouring to fill the empty sheet that lay like a virgin, desperate for a unison. But almost in another 10 minutes we could sense that this aromatic and hot coffee was surely going to turn out to be just fantastic.

The Venue was Mocha, Defence Colony and to guide us were present, Fiction Writer Maryann, Food Blogger Rekha and Social Media Manager Aashish. A blogger, a manager and a fiction writer is all that one could ask for to get the recipe of writing right.

The gathering too was interesting ranging from students who were well read and had drafts of stories written, to professionals from advertising agencies to some avid tweeple, who shared and discussed about the common connect- the art of writing.

Largely it was a good sharing event, which left me inspired enough to leave my thoughts racing.  The outcome of the same was my last post: ‘Hear your calling…’ and an introduction to my new blog address: ‘Mywordworks... an introduction.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hear your calling…

When exploring the unknown, you are never alone. Because you begin with apprehensions and questions but end up discovering experiences and answers.

Inquisitiveness and passion never allows your dreams to fade. They keep alive your zeal, triggering unrest and urge; time and again compelling you to take the path towards your innermost desires. 

No matter how far you try to run or where the waves of situation take you, when the will is strong and the time is right, you’ll find yourself drifting to the land you belong to.

The desires that burn inside, the dreams that make your life, have a larger purpose than to just arise and fade. When you hear the calling time and again and good omens paving your way, understand that the time has come to flag your win and have your victory engraved.

A sparking thought


          Creative spark is an outcome of accidental connection of loose thoughts!!!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fireworks of Friendship!

Life takes many turns and gives you a new companion each time. While people find it tough to have a handful of good friends, my life has been generous to me in blessing me with amazing wonderful hearts.

From childhood till now, I’ve had a life full of joy. And every moment in it has been just ecstatic because of their presence. All of them are unique and inspiring individuals.

We’ve had our share of fights, misunderstanding, miscommunications, some have moved on and even outgrown the relationship, but their memories still make my life fragrant with moments of cheer that we shared together.

Pranks, punishments, stage performances, sports, classrooms, lunches, competitions, farewells, canteen, bus, society, school, tuitions, college, dance, music, dramatics, poetry, bunks, protesting, proxies, assignments, projects, books, bargaining, marriage, creativity, photography, work, job stress, meetings, deadlines, nail paint sessions, window shopping, gifting sessions, combined study, workshops, philosophy, spirituality, messaging, online chats, phone calls, email exchange, writing, eating out, vacation, tea-breaks, maggi times, random talking, movie watching, bitching and gossip sessions…

All became remarkable because of your company. Each of them has many faces associated in different phases of my life.

Friendship is not about making great sacrifices, neither it is about showering riches and gifts; it is about that warm touch and understanding that never ceases. It’s a string that never snaps despite the distances. It’s not about benefitting from friends but about spiriting your life for an all time high. Life changed tracks and showed its true colours, but each time I had a friend who never allowed my smile to fade or courage to die.

Thank you friends for powering each day of my life. You make it splendid!