Monday, December 20, 2010

Un-ignored ME!

Flipping through several pages on web, my focus I feel is a little out of place. After long my mind is set free from work and I’m finding it hard to write for myself.

Weird are these words coming from a person who is a writer by profession but that’s what I believe happens to most of us. A conflict like this is a peculiar scenario, especially for those who have creative instincts, whom I quote as Unstable Creative Elements (UCE).

I often wonder how one can survive with myriad of thoughts jostling in your head. The moment you grab one idea and begin to pull it through, you are beckoned by another in an insidious manner. Trying not to let go off the first one, we stretch to grab an end of the second one too and snap goes the sound in your head… as if a third thought flash-passed through you, giving you a swooning fit. Whew!

Yes, it is true little focus and lots to do. Priority shifts position every second.

These dissipated rays of innovation, hope collate some day, to illumine an unseen path, so I can take a sound walk with my thoughts in peace, listening to them and crafting their untold stories. They have longed my attention and even I’ve waited for them till long… Hope someday I find peace in the lap of nature, brimmed with tranquility, feeling one and complete…all by myself, with an un-ignored ME!


  1. I gotta congratulate on this.. d way u started of this piece, with an expression on 'the struggle' to put d thoughts n inhbitations (both concious n unconcious) into words. however, towards the end it was quite a beautiful attempt.

    While goin thru it, 1 song kept ringing in my head 'Take a Look around' by Limp Bizkit. They kinda fit in2 d context.. here r a few liners. Read on..

    "...Does anybody really know the secret, Or the combination for this life and where they keep it.
    It's kinda sad when you don't know the meaning, But everything happens for a reason.."

    "...I analyze every second I exist, Beatin' up my mind every second with my fist.."

    "...And there aint nothin' i could do, Cuz life is a lesson, you'll learn it when you're through ..."

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  3. Its kinda like Gandhiji's Talisman.. d same 1 on 1 st page of every NCERT book we read @ school. ...

    I reackon thtz wid every1 of us. As much as v all would love 2 write n express ourselves, more so r intrigued by the 3-D abyss of dreams, hopes, hue, despair, colors, glitters n vibrance all around n inside ... and v loose ourselves in it.

    If only us can manage to accurately translate 10% of it.. that'll b sumthing 'aaaoohhhh' ing for a while!

  4. @natbluez...thnx man for ur input n compliments....havn't heard the song u just mentioned bt now i shall...thnx again.

  5. I hope the same for myself too.. We all deserve to be 'un-ignored'! The day shall come soon.. Fingers crossed! =)

  6. The big city life leaves us with little choice to think and expect beyond the menial and the mundane.
    I am glad to see that your thoughts still stream and struggle to put forth themselves before the daily grind.
    I liked what you wrote and wish to
    this one's for your creative streak... keep it up!

  7. @Chani...yep true
    @Shahana...thnx for all your generous words of compliments.. :)