Friday, March 9, 2012

Life is good and so are you…

Just when I though I don’t have much in life. I’m not quite blessed and happy, as are other people around me. And while I envied friends and acquaintances of having a real happening life, I found a bright-new streak of jealousy flaming bright. Quickly I nipped it in the bud and stopped myself from getting into the non-reachable shell of inferiority. And pinged a friend. After the usual icebreaking-greetings of hey!, wssup? and howdy?, we actually began to talk from where we left last. The strings of conversations began to play again and we were ourselves. Remembering the good old times (which is human nature to reflect and smile at the past), we had the common grounds to begin talking about life from there on.  

We had our own set of ups and downs, though it looked pleasant from our facebook profiles, but life had played dice with each one of us. And that's how life is. 

I read this quote somewhere recently, which is originally by Jon Acuff,

“Never compare your beginning to somebody else’s middle.”

And it just set the ball rolling for me, straightened my line of thoughts, gave my confidence a new shine and my low-being some light.

We often look at others and envy. We look on the surface and begin to pity our lives. But often we forget to acknowledge the story on the inside, which we would never know. Every thing in life comes for a price. There’s sacrifice for every victory won. And pain bore for every glory. Fight behind every love story. Failure precedes every success. Dark always marks the dawn. And there’s a lot of pull back and warming-up before every launch.

You’ll find the grass on the other side always greener. And when you do so, step on the other side to envy yours own.

Life is good and so are you. Be yourself and live it on your own terms. Stop comparing. Stop judging. Give your ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ some rest. Understand and respect your situation and how you have pulled it through so long. How bright your decisions were in those heated times in your life? There’s no another you. And no better could have managed it through.

Yes, you write your own destiny, but you must also know how to go with the flow. Give your horses some rest. Take it easy and find some time to thank God.


  1. yes to understand that life is beautiful and so we are is key to every thing...

  2. thanks for reading Sumukh...just wanted to iterate the most beautiful fact that we often forget

  3. It took me 25 years to understand what life is all about? Why I was born?

    But when I realized I felt blessed. Life is all about dreaming and chasing those dreams.

    Excellent read :) :)

  4. Thanks for reading Prasoon :) oh yes 'dreaming' is 'aiming' in life and 'chasing' them is the 'action', 'intentions & will' help in finding path,while 'faith' keeps you going...

    Definitely life is not just to live but grow and evolve with every passing phase... Hope you have a great and fulfilling life :)