Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isolation plea...

Just for a day, let me be...

Spare me of expectations, set me free.

Running around in life, I gasp for breath,

Not that I fear the strife, but I am fatigued.

Past is past, it was decades ago,

Picture me not, in a frame so old.

Yes, you nurtured and trusted me too,

Not that I don’t reciprocate, but even I am blue.

If you can then do excuse,

Enough of it now, I need refuge.

And once I am me, I shall return,

Romancing life, in a new verve!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Waters

Illusions in still waters are striving to flare,

Tied and lonely, they conquer despair,

A hint of a ripple and a stream of hope,

Illuminates the drab and expels loath,

Thoughts ablaze with vision of the day,

Across the stagnant, exclaiming hurray!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Euro-Trip (Travelogue)- Part1

Being back from my Euro-trip is like waking up froma beautiful dream that was. But simply thinking about it and talking about my trip to all my pals is like living the dream and incarnating it again in my mind and that’s the reason I write this blog post, so that it marks the realisation of one of my dreams in life for which both of us, me and hubby worked hard in life. But definitely a huge and specially thanks to Vishal, who apart from being a hubby is so much more that the list of roles he plays in my life, which are never ending and ever increasing.

And yes, needless to say, being back from one of our dream destinations we are all the more geared up to do well and better. God bless us pleaseeeee and thanks for all your blessings so far.

On this good note, I begin with all my awesome experiences. Happy reading folks and do write back your feedbacks and comments.

Sheikh at Sight: Yep and that’ what I did at Doha airport when I spotted a Sheik for the first time in my life, I shook my head in awe and soon I was staring at each one of them from head to toe and in the back of my mind, I was guessing how rich would he be and yes of course how many pretty wives each of them must be having. They were dressed in pure white robes from head to toe, though some wore leather chappals, while a few others (more rich ones, i guess) wore white footwear that decently matched their white and rich robes. They wore strong perfumes that again got my mind working on how expensive the perfumes would be. It was weird but pretty relative to je-set into calculations coz a few friends told me that these sheikhs are so filthy rich that go for a vacation in the most expensive hotels of most expensive city's and their lanes, taking along all their wives and army of kids along with their private vehicles in their private planes and end up booking complete hotels and its floors, so that have only their home and community/family people in the hotel. Whew! God just make me half the rich, they are and Iwill shop, shop and shop and even my skin would be flawless like of their women who look like mannequins of porcelain.

Yes I really got envious of their women only for their beauty and all the money, after all that's what women are mad about-Looking Good and The Best!

After a 2 hour stop over at the Doha airport and all my madness about the wealth and beautiful wives of sheiks, we headed for Rome, approx. 7 hour journey from Doha.

Roam in Rome: With my hotel in the suburbs, the drive from there to the city was awesome. Each street, park, shop, and crossing I passed by looked like a scene out of a Hollywood movie. Graffiti’s by each wall, compact petrol stations, neat lanes and smartly dressed people walking on the footpath, semi circular canopies at almost every shop, people jogging and exercising in the park, a few cycling on their way and roads full of hatchback cars. It looked like a busy, healthy and practical city.

Looking at its architecture, some of which is much in ruins since itdates back to ages back, it was artistic and amazing to look at. A delight for the eye and an awe for the mind, on how art in those times was practices with great detail to every wrinkle on a face and crease on their linen (now I am being a little modest, because there were barely any clothes seen on the statues there and for the first time ever these were male statues :P).

We started our sight seeing from the town-hall, Piazza Venezia, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Colosseum, The arc of Constantine, Fontana di Trevi (Trevi Fountain), The Vatican, Musei Vaticani (Vatican Museum), Sistine Chapel. More or less almost all of them are like close to each other. And since the whole of Europe has a walking culture, you could well travel almost 2-3 of them on foot, each day. But yes it definitely is quite a lot of walking, so it is advised to carry good sports shoes with nice tough/yet cushiony soles. Starting your day early for the tour, you might feel a little cold a light cardigan/ pullover then and in the evening though, should suffice.

Visit to each of those gigantic historic monuments I was speechless but my camera definitely went crazy clicking and registering the finesse of the art there. To be precise, any number of photographs would be less to capture each bit of what you see and if you begin to pay attention to the history and intent behind every sculpture in-there, you’ll get exhausted. Well and to be honest after 2 days in Rome, even I was exhausted of clicking pictures because every damn building down the street, including the street lights and dustbins, looked artistic.

Another great thing about Italy was that you must spend some time and bucks to try their local food in their market place that i full of roman cafeterias and pizzerias. We too had our dinner at one of the Pizzeria near Piazza di Spagna, which is like a theatrical square, full of activity. You will witness, artists sketching, singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and I in person got to see a few magical tricks too from a magician from Australia. It was enchanting and tranquilizing experience. What I really loved was the liberty with a sense of discipline and responsibility. People worked when in office and were out by 6, drinking and dining their evening with friends and dear ones. Enjoying themselves and doing what they like and waited not till weekends but had fun right after office. With every bite of my pasta, soothing cold winds, along with awesome music and cheerful noises, I felt much like a protagonist in a Hollywood movie and grabbed as much art and beauty I could and savoured it with every passing moment.