Thursday, May 26, 2011

Still Waters

Illusions in still waters are striving to flare,

Tied and lonely, they conquer despair,

A hint of a ripple and a stream of hope,

Illuminates the drab and expels loath,

Thoughts ablaze with vision of the day,

Across the stagnant, exclaiming hurray!!!


  1. Lovely...every word seems so related to the theme..and I must say the prose narrates the tale of your thoughts.. and certainly a ripple of optimism after the grey and dismal stagnation in your life.. thoughts definitely seem to flow like a brook now... keep it flowing this way and dont let the logs of pessimism block its way.

  2. Thanks a lot Priya. Yep shall keep doing my best...

  3. quite immersible..keep it up!! :)

  4. Thats cool... Be floated through your dreams... Nice post. keep it up.