Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Isolation plea...

Just for a day, let me be...

Spare me of expectations, set me free.

Running around in life, I gasp for breath,

Not that I fear the strife, but I am fatigued.

Past is past, it was decades ago,

Picture me not, in a frame so old.

Yes, you nurtured and trusted me too,

Not that I don’t reciprocate, but even I am blue.

If you can then do excuse,

Enough of it now, I need refuge.

And once I am me, I shall return,

Romancing life, in a new verve!


  1. Every one sometimes happen come along with these thoughts... Thats strange... I belive nobody is free.. Every person can see some limitations that peoples are putting on their head.. And everybody want that refuge... I love this post. Keep it up.

  2. @Vaikol...thnx for writing back.

  3. hey girl.. its beautifully expressed.. :)