I am a weaver, a scribbler, a sketcher, a dancer; I am all that I could be as my original self. I love life, nature, people and almost everything around me- for these are the sources to my inspiration. I have failed but learnt and I seldom give up. Being highly aware of my felt sense, I channelize my emotions to whatever form of creativity I have or I can acquire from around me.

Each piece here is a creation of passion and the writer in me has tried its best to do justice to catch up with a zillion thoughts in my head. These are tales of experiences, some of my own and some borrowed.

I believe perspective of the reader is important to know, as it may vary highly than that of the perceiver. Knowledge of this distinction can make a writer a distinguished one.

I wish to learn, so please feel free to pour in your feedback, experiences, best or worst lines of my compositions, almost anything that you feel. In all I'd request you to please oblige me with your first thoughts.

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