Friday, September 21, 2012


Another cold night when she was made to stay out of home and dwell in the darkness of her fate.

It was only the next day when she was allowed in. Pramal had not spoken to her while leaving for work and had not returned that night. Sattvi’s mind and heart were in a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions. It was only today that a series of event had kept her busy for the day and in a hurry she’d burnt whatever rice were left for the month.

“What was that behavior all about? What is your problem? How much do you expect her to care for you? How much do you want her to give into your demands? Her youth, her desires, her dreams, her wishes, her individuality, even her own self is lost. All her love and attention has always been yours.

Not a single day, a moment has she spent without chanting your name. What more do you ask of her?

Oh yes, like always you’ll blame her. You’ve never asked for it all, but why don’t you understand that when you went silent, she went numb. When you smiled, she was on cloud nine. Your sadness stabbed her every moment. She shivered when you raised your eyebrow. While you were busy weaving a world of pleasure and money, she was chopping her pettiest to prettiest of desires and sautéing them to cook up a delicacy of your choice always.

Of all the things in life, she chose you and your happiness, your people and your conducts. Her hunger was invoked when you declared that you wanted your meals. Your choice, however unpleasant was accepted with a smile that was a captive of your temperament. Have you ever asked her what she really wants? What are her opinions and needs? What is that one thing she’d always wished after marrying you? Have you even loved her? Do you even know what love and marriage is?

She has put her 42 good years in pure dedication towards you and this worthless relationship and yet has been denied of all the love and respect she deserves.

What is it with you? What more do you want from her? “

Only Sattvi could have voiced her sentiments and fought for her longing justice.

But only if she’d ever step out of that mirror.

Inspiration: The Silent Sea by Advaita Band and a friend's sketch "Mirrored or..."