Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Adventure is out there, waiting for you!

It is hard to take a decision just like that…
When you know-not where you are headed to and what path you’ve to walk…
When you hear the future beckon you far in the distance
And you’re ready to toss the comfort of the zone you’ve since-forever been-in
When the calling is strong
And others say: Hey! What's wrong?
But the gut won’t shut
And the whispers of new dreams would clutter your head
Then you must give in
And give your belief a chance
While doubts mutter
Allow courage to take a stance
I know it’s hard to let go
To leave behind the grounds you’ve worked on for so long
Snapping all the strings won’t be easy
Apprehensions like butterflies in your tummy would make you a little dizzy
But you must move on
With head held high and dreams of a new life
Flap your wings to freedom
Because adventure is out there, waiting for you!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Panic Meter

I can hear the bells of change ring at a distance
I can sense a whirlwind in by belly
My mind’s been fox-trotting
Raising the mercury of my panic meter a nano-bit
Every now and then  

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Poetry Prompts!

Prompts excite creativity. They ignite the fire of a dreamy-eyed weaver. The stoned thoughts are soon set to roll. Fantasies get fins that let you swim to the depths of the zones un-ventured. Triggered by a similar challenge on twitter by fieryverse, came along two new #micropoetry

Stained hands
Urging to sin
Squelching hope
Lecherous for the kill.  
#fieryverse #firstattempt #micropoetry #stainedhands

He’s on a prowl
With blood stained cruel hands
Lust will stab love, deep
#fieryverse #haiku #micropoetry #stainedhands