Saturday, March 17, 2012

Rape and Ridiculous Logics of Law Makers…

Wherever you go, you are stalked. Even a morning walk in the park is scary with these scavengers out for lust. They are in markets, buses; wait for an auto on the roadside and you’ll see many alike, scanning you from head to toe. Their lewd comments, lecherous stares make you uncomfortable, irritated and angry at the same time. But what more can you do than to simply ignore them? When you raise your voice, shamefully they snap back at you “madam, kya baat hai?”, “kya kiya? Batao…”(with a wry smirk). And we women shy away…what else are we taught, to stay quiet, bear with things, act decently…and if we shout back at them with a reply, it brings us more of the shame. But I say, we must shout back, raise our voices and get such rascals nabbed. Why do we wait for so long and why do people ignore such things, do we wait for their last resort-RAPES? And why is a woman so scared of being a victim more than these culprits, of being RAPISTS? Doesn’t the whole equation sound absurd? Hasn’t the society in many ways already contributed to raise its men and even the so-called juveniles with a wrong value system?

Though today we call ourselves a free country, where women are supposed to be treated as equals, basis our theories. But what about men who would fight on women being given reservations in parliaments, public transports, offices, who can’t take a female as a boss or their superior. And amongst them only deep down somewhere is that sick mentality rooted of being a chauvinist. Who look at women as commodity and subject her to their irrational temperament, behaviour and conduct. They tame their women in a way that the seeds of patriarch system and sowed, passed on and in a way women of one generation ensure that the same is passed to the next generation.

Also that’s why none of these men would ever step forward to stop any of the cracked heads with malicious intent from lurking around and stalking women. And when inefficient police officials cannot nab the culprits and teach them a lesson of their lives, women are blamed for their outfits, conduct and presence in odd hours. But why aren’t these odd hours and conduct issues subject to these nymphomaniac psychotic rapists? Does it mean women should forever be subject to burqa and ghungat days once again? Whatever time slots and areas these criminals choose to molest, grope or attack women with acid, it is the fault of women found there and must be declared a no-women’s land?

Delhi has always been categorized unsafe for women and so far nothing has been done to make it any safer. But, slowly and gradually other city, states and whole of the nation too has fallen prey to such acts of dishonour towards women. You can look at the statistics of nationals and foreign national cases, what shame they bring to our country. Or easiest to do is a random sampling- ask any girl and each of them will have a few such situations when she was molested in a busy bus, at the bus stop, in the market, at a pub…any and every place. Definitely, a girl must always walk in groups, carry pepper sprays, dress decently, have the police number handy and what not. But till when and how long? Is there an end to this forever vulnerability? Who should she really rely on in this male dominated society? Is this development? Where are we headed?

The whole system is ridiculous…

And the statement that political and religious leaders in India give, about women having Chinese food, calling it all an impact and influence of western culture for villages never had such incidences, some even quoted the abduction of Sita in Ramayana, indicating that women should not cross their limits, and for the one's who have been victim to such heinous acts were even suggested to have begged the rapists and called them brothers, so these animals would have let her go. 

So, here we are... in the country of those who worship goddesses, misbehave with their own women in houses, want complete patriarchal controls but cannot take charge of their own lustful desires. Instead they have suggestive and baseless statements to make to women whom they consider as the 'weaker sex'. No wonder why people of this country indulge in female feticide, because no girl child, no females, no rapes, no population… a planet of men…so that the men can reign, by their laws… 


  1. i don't know what to say .
    may be we don't want to take risks.
    number of people who can fight for anyone are decreasing.

    hope your post can make some of us willing to take risks in life..

  2. I agree sumukh and it is sad to see how we have made "chalta hai" attitude our motto of everyday, but then sometimes i feel, one cannot fight alone either unless the law supports us. But in such case, we females hv to drop our shyness and raise our voice when such men stalk us...n hope that a few noble ones will stand by us...

  3. You have worded the frustration well.
    Great post.

  4. I agree to everything you have written - but I believe there is still hope. I tried to addresse the concern from a slightly different perspective. I would appreciate if you give it a read.