Thursday, March 15, 2012


A man is as wise and aware as his experiences in life. But there’ll always be times that will startle him, giving him scope to become wiser and go beyond.       ~ Himani

The Wise: They can assess situations, know the course of actions and understand implications of the same.

But one gets wiser by mistaking on either or all of these. And then begins learning from it for future, to avoid the goof ups.

And since the wise never settle for just one thing done right or successfully, they keep craving and proceeding towards perfection in every aspect. Challenging their limits. Stretching their capabilities. They keep doing things, making mistakes and keep getting wiser with each thing undone. They sow efforts, put their acts to work, harvest results but reap lessons. Results, which can often be mistakes.

So, if you are making mistakes in life, learning from them each time, you actually are aware- where you are heading. But, if everything around you is always and largely perfect and stable, check if you are still wise…or otherwise...

PS: Being satisfied is not unwise, but being comfortably numb is.


  1. as if the entire post was not 'touching' enough what stuck with me was "comfortably numb"... my heart skipped a beat, felt a lump in my throat and then in a flashback...reminded me of someone. and that means it's 'Latika's Theme' track on my playlist... i am no longer comfortably numb... but does that make me a wise man?

    1. Though a few things are to answered yourself and m sure you are good at introspection my friend...but yes if you are not being numb to your desires and dreams...n not relying on the comfortability only...are willing to stretch and doing your best to grow daily....then definitely you are not 'comfortably numb' and definitely wise :)