Thursday, February 17, 2011

Count Your Blessings

Often we realize-not what we have, unless we hear the under privileged speak about it.

When I quote, “under privileged”, I refer not to those who are hand to mouth or those who fall in the category of BPL, but of those who have certain restriction and obligations. Those who wish to touch the sky but speak not about it but silently trick their hollering heart and mind. They have dreams to accomplish but wait for the time to strike a chord with their fate.

And on the other hand are those who are blessed with worldly pleasures but fail to cherish the nectar. They have no time to capitalize the worth of every moment spent in merriment, but to only look down on things left undone, spotting the blots and poking into the loop holes of every situation and person they encounter.

But one fine day when curtains of thanklessness are raised; they realize the beauty beneath the naked skin and crib not for the fur or a piece of cloth to drape anymore; rather they find solace and thankfulness in being blessed with crystal soul and serene sentiments, sensing life and taking pride in being the blessed one.


  1. It's great u realised the importance of thanking your fate in time. Yes, you are blessed, not because you have things that others dont, but because you got the opportunity to thank you fate in time.
    Love your writing and your zeal even more. you deserve all the good in life. Enjoy XOXO

  2. hey thnx pri for al the inspiration...though linked up al by observations in life...n compiled something that came straight from the heart an din praise to the fate! :)