Sunday, February 20, 2011

Multi facets of a Woman, put the real face of her in jeopardy!

I always wanted to write about womanhood from quite some time now, but it was bewildering for me to choose a start point. There is lots of beauty attached to being a woman than just being pretty and glamorous. Also, there could be 'n' number of instances that can be brought to light to portray the multiple roles she plays with her enormous zeal. But I had never thought I would begin with spotting one of her dilemas in life.

Being a woman myself, I have grown up watching lots of women around me, from having studied in a girls school, college to having many friends in and out of office and further learning and observing from the women of both my families. They work the hardest of all with all rigour and zeal but they often collapse being dissatisfied too. They shell out all their love and energies but often at the cost of themselves. Of course they themselves are to be blamed for it but then there is also the society and the patriarchal system of value to be blamed too.

This system being the base of our society has gone to be so robust that you will often find a woman burdened with tonnes of expectations by another woman itself. I well understand the key role of a woman in the family and agree that she really needs to steer certain values and discipline to all her further generations but at the same time I back her personal space too. By all means she has all rights of being herself, devoting time to keep up with her interests in life and may be go away- into the state of blankness much like the men, which can happen only if the levels of expectations from her are lowered a bit.

Over the many generations these expectations go higher, suppressing her to do and work the way that other women in the family have been doing but the matter of fact is, the woman of today needs to evolve with the times and keep up to them. Being humans of limited capabilities, it is important to understand that while meeting a few expectations, she might loose out on a few others but just bragging about your experience into her ears all the time would not help but only create much chaos and noise in her head, leading her to drown her own being in the rising levels of expectations.

I know I might be looking at just one aspect of it and might be hind sighted, but again I will learn gradually. Many will have their own set of point of views and might completely disown my thoughts, end up being disappointed after reading it all but then my message to them is to lower their level of expectations and simply observe how I evolve.

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