Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spying your spouse-to-be!

The very thought to this title is scary and even more so to those who are thinking to tie the knot recently. But those who have already plunged into this nuptial agreement have mastered the art of sailing through the waters of marriage and tides of circumstances.

No, I write on it not to create some tremors in your already building up courtship, rather this is an impromptu statement that I quoted while working on one of my clients that serve almost a similar kind of service. I know their intentions are great but with all the casting couches, spy cams, controversies and emotional atyachars of the world doing a round, your mind does get a little too wacky and wicked at times.

So basically, they offer you all the information services so that you know the historical, geographical, economical, physiological (and who knows what all) backgrounds before you tie the knot or not!

Yes now that’s what I call Spying your spouse-to-be….


  1. great write-up again. though I expected it to be a critique.. i mean I personally think that's a bullshit idea of pre-marriage background checks! I though u would be writing on that! but creatively, very elegant write-up.

  2. Its actually kinda scary !
    Though i wasn't aware if such a service exists as an industry as such. Formally speaking.. Isn't this in conflict with the Right to Privacy?

  3. Do you have names or URLs regarding such service providers? What kinda money does such a service involve?

    much better layout for the blog !

  4. @priya...thnx...lets c...who writes for writing abt it i did ot feel like criticing it much coz if its arrange marriage...on eneeds to verify for sure.

  5. @nitin...lolz don't worry...m sure u hv already spotted ur soul mate or if not relax till u find one n incase even u r planning an arrange marriage this any ways is bound to happen...:P

    n thnx for the layout compli..

  6. @Atul...any which ways marraige is about being scared...ask vishal :P ;)

  7. @himani: lol... irrespective of 'soulmate' status for ne1 of us... Ethically, spying and stalking is certainly not d way 2 go. If there's a problem with trusting d 2b partner, arrange marriage is not d respective's cup of tea!

    Actually .. it would be interesting to have a primary/secondary research on this, wid an objective to get an insight into the customer base classification... as to watz d split b/w the people directly involved and the parents, asking and needing such service.

  8. yep u rite Nitin...yep hope the client too has the sm perspective ..coz only this perspective can bless with a long life to clients biz