Saturday, February 15, 2014

A V-Day Letter: Goodbye to you for my newfound love


I am writing and confessing this after much thought. And all this while it has been hard to articulate it, after rehearsing several beginnings and ends, here’s what I have to finally tell you…

You were once my love and there were times I looked forward to be back in you arms, but over all this time I now have a newfound love for whom I can sacrifice all the importance and place you ever held in my life. This I know could be quite shocking and parting surely is never that easy and even I miss you a lot, but when I see the smile of my newfound love, your remotest of thoughts and memories leave me.

All this while I was trying to hold on to you and was finding ways of being together, but life made me to make a choice and accept this change, so I can maintain a right rhythm and find a new balance. I know it's going to be tough, all the more for me, as I have a long history with you, one that has been witnessed and told by the linen on my bed and I am going to miss the mushy nights spent with you. But all I can say and that too without any regrets is that I am letting you go, for what matters most is my newfound love and I can just do anything for our love story to bloom.

Goodbye Sleep, my newfound love- my Baby Girl is up and waiting for me. 

Let me know if a few secret meetings could help you get even with it.

Once yours lovingly,
Now proud mommy,
Himani~ Being Mom(me)