Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Darkness is the shade of light...

Darkness dwells in the shade of light, which is just its other side... True to say that its existence is inevitable, but this can't be the theory of your life. 

For you are bright and brimming with talent, don't let the winds blow off your fire... With the desire to glow forever, burn the dark in you to bring out more light. 

And when the darkness surrounds and surmounts you over, shake it off and embrace love... Send out words of gratitude and recall all happy memories... Let the darkness have a vision of good in your life and witness the shade of light...


  1. just the spirit that i believe in...loved reading the post

  2. Easier said than done! But ya, in the end it's only us who can motivate and make ourselves happy.
    Well written :)