Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hear your calling…

When exploring the unknown, you are never alone. Because you begin with apprehensions and questions but end up discovering experiences and answers.

Inquisitiveness and passion never allows your dreams to fade. They keep alive your zeal, triggering unrest and urge; time and again compelling you to take the path towards your innermost desires. 

No matter how far you try to run or where the waves of situation take you, when the will is strong and the time is right, you’ll find yourself drifting to the land you belong to.

The desires that burn inside, the dreams that make your life, have a larger purpose than to just arise and fade. When you hear the calling time and again and good omens paving your way, understand that the time has come to flag your win and have your victory engraved.


  1. wow... so inspirational... and actually true in case you are really on for the game, desires.

    Loved it.


    Himanshu Nagpal | Being Traveler

  2. Thanks Himanshu for reading and reverting. I'm sure you understand, what it means to a writer :)

  3. Wow.. what an inspirational post and the choice of words is impeccable..
    Good one..


    1. Hey thanks again for finding time to go through it :)