Sunday, August 5, 2012

Fireworks of Friendship!

Life takes many turns and gives you a new companion each time. While people find it tough to have a handful of good friends, my life has been generous to me in blessing me with amazing wonderful hearts.

From childhood till now, I’ve had a life full of joy. And every moment in it has been just ecstatic because of their presence. All of them are unique and inspiring individuals.

We’ve had our share of fights, misunderstanding, miscommunications, some have moved on and even outgrown the relationship, but their memories still make my life fragrant with moments of cheer that we shared together.

Pranks, punishments, stage performances, sports, classrooms, lunches, competitions, farewells, canteen, bus, society, school, tuitions, college, dance, music, dramatics, poetry, bunks, protesting, proxies, assignments, projects, books, bargaining, marriage, creativity, photography, work, job stress, meetings, deadlines, nail paint sessions, window shopping, gifting sessions, combined study, workshops, philosophy, spirituality, messaging, online chats, phone calls, email exchange, writing, eating out, vacation, tea-breaks, maggi times, random talking, movie watching, bitching and gossip sessions…

All became remarkable because of your company. Each of them has many faces associated in different phases of my life.

Friendship is not about making great sacrifices, neither it is about showering riches and gifts; it is about that warm touch and understanding that never ceases. It’s a string that never snaps despite the distances. It’s not about benefitting from friends but about spiriting your life for an all time high. Life changed tracks and showed its true colours, but each time I had a friend who never allowed my smile to fade or courage to die.

Thank you friends for powering each day of my life. You make it splendid!

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