Tuesday, May 8, 2012

End never comes…

“Love is seriously blind; it makes the heart sense perfection in the most normal person. But then it has the vision and never ending hope coz it sees what it believes and holds the power to carve out the perfect person from the one it falls for...”

Photo source and credit: Isabel Samaras (Picked from Jonathan LeVine Gallery)

‘Being blind’ is owning up, ignoring the flaws and accepting the person as your super star in your blockbuster love story. But then that’s too with a perspective …because you see the person with a higher vision, and souls gel so well that you know you can spend a lifetime with that one person…and be with each other through thick and thin of life.

I know what I’m talking because I’m blindly in love with that one person in my life. All his flaws and problems are mine and so are his strengths. I know neither of us is perfect but we are befitting individuals and not ready to let go in any case, rather trying to hold on to each other till the end…
And I blindly believe and wish that this ‘end never comes…’