Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A new ray...

A new ray has dawned upon my life…
Her smile is my inspiration,
Her voice the rhythm of my life,
Her eyes give me vision,
Her care my strength to take on every challenge,
Her hope instills faith in me,
Her laughter gives me ultimate joy,
Her touch sanctifies me,
She’s the colour pallet I wish to paint my life with
And stay in that spectacular picture forever and ever…

PS: This poem is a dedication for my Friend Anshul, who wanted me to write a few introductory lines for his love Radha, on their wedding invite as they tied the sacred knot on 30th April'2012.


  1. This would seriously sweep a girl off her feet :)

    1. :) i know Girls wil be girls :)

  2. a lovely expression of love. Will surely make the girl feel special :)