Tuesday, October 20, 2009

BLUE-A sunken story

BLUE, that’s exactly what you’ll feel after watching this flick. Well if you are thinking that the storyline is really titillating and engrossing then watch out. I say you’ll be blue as you’ll be clueless about the plot and all you’ll remember is the sea life, diving and little playful tricks underwater, the bikini shots and the biking.

The dialogues are lame, the characters are weak, and the lucidity of the story line is missing. Though there are instances where you’ll feel the heat of thrilling action building up but believe me all you’ll be grabbing onto is sheer disappointment. There’s nothing left for your speculation rather all is obvious. Climax, just doesn’t exist as half way through the movie, you’ll know for yourself, who is the man and what are his intensions behind the entire goof up.

One thing that works as a healer to this disaster is the music score by AR Rehman, kudos to him. But yet again the much hyped and expensive performance by Kylie Minougue constitutes of only 5 to 6 times of the Chiggy –Wiggy step and then Akshay and the gang takes over.

Zeroing down to the action, in the movie. Then the biking too is far beyond the Dhoom standards. A little hits and missed underwater are ok and the gun shots at Sanjay’s house are pointless. And if you are an Akshay’s action fan, again all your hopes will be shattered.

In the entire movie Sanjay’s character (Sagar/ Seth ji) is keeping the secret of the “Lady in Blue” under covers but when the reality of what happened and why he had been concealing the treasure comes to light. It might be a little sentimental but a big hole in the plot.

By the end of it all, the director has kept the ending of the movie and the relationships of the Good and the Bad gang, open for his viewers.

All I can say is, despite so much water the thirst for the THRILL in the movie is still unquenched. Or should I say…the script of the movie got washed off in the BLUE waters…

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Engrieved (Interpretation of the song IKATARA -Wake up Sid!)

Witnessing the present I feel future is so uncertain.And as I travel back in time, with a string of memory, on this journey of lifeI feel silly and small for sweating over tiny things.
It’s funny how we react to the momentary incidents, so un-mind-fully and impulsivelyand do not understand the value of our actions and words.
And give all the chances for misconceptions, misunderstandings and distances to dwell, nurture and grow beyond, over and above the size of life.
Our ego balloons- to cover all our vision and sight. It not only "dams" (blocks) but also "damns" (finds fault) our trust and faith.
In a moment all is lost and scattered.
And when the same dreams shatter, ones that you had crafted all days and nights, your eyes wishfully closed. They spill pain and grief with the eyes closed, now mourning over the broken hopes. Not wanting to see and face the truth-the grave of our aspirations.
It hurts and makes you so low on confidence that you don't want to dream again. Live again. Have faith again.
You loose yourself and surrender to the situation, feel numb and mute to the chaos in your life though the pain in your heart is unbearable. Looking time and again in the pile of acts, for that- one missing link which turned your joy upside down. Reflecting on the sequence of events. You some how find the courage, sit back, lean on your broken faith and look at the distant picture to have an overview of the complete story. But the shots of those happy moments make you both smile and cry in the agony of the great moments that exist no longer.