Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Engrieved (Interpretation of the song IKATARA -Wake up Sid!)

Witnessing the present I feel future is so uncertain.And as I travel back in time, with a string of memory, on this journey of lifeI feel silly and small for sweating over tiny things.
It’s funny how we react to the momentary incidents, so un-mind-fully and impulsivelyand do not understand the value of our actions and words.
And give all the chances for misconceptions, misunderstandings and distances to dwell, nurture and grow beyond, over and above the size of life.
Our ego balloons- to cover all our vision and sight. It not only "dams" (blocks) but also "damns" (finds fault) our trust and faith.
In a moment all is lost and scattered.
And when the same dreams shatter, ones that you had crafted all days and nights, your eyes wishfully closed. They spill pain and grief with the eyes closed, now mourning over the broken hopes. Not wanting to see and face the truth-the grave of our aspirations.
It hurts and makes you so low on confidence that you don't want to dream again. Live again. Have faith again.
You loose yourself and surrender to the situation, feel numb and mute to the chaos in your life though the pain in your heart is unbearable. Looking time and again in the pile of acts, for that- one missing link which turned your joy upside down. Reflecting on the sequence of events. You some how find the courage, sit back, lean on your broken faith and look at the distant picture to have an overview of the complete story. But the shots of those happy moments make you both smile and cry in the agony of the great moments that exist no longer.


  1. I loved the way you interpret it :)

  2. Hey thanks prapti...the song itself is so soul stirring that it simply flowed...