Thursday, February 26, 2009

It Spilt

I did nothing!!!...Like the boiling milk my feelings simply spilt. Spread all over. I knew not what to do with it next??? I tried to collect it and wipe it off before anyone saw it, but it flowed. I felt abashed…but it soon became a river. Clear and flowing. I felt like taking a dip into it and wanted to play and splash it around. I felt like a teenager. But that’s not how it goes…suddenly my hand jerked the bottle of ink and it crashed on the floor, the glass shattered….ink spilt on the floor…looked like a blue sky but it was getting late. The sun was setting, birds returning, it got darker gradually…the words in my book got harder to read and I dug into the book to catch them…soon mom came and switched on the lamp and the light spilt...

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