Thursday, August 15, 2013

Dawn is not too away from the dark

Bound in shackles yet again
Of the vices that are my off springs
Seldom did I know
That the seeds of sweat and blood my freedom martyrs had sown
Would reap so much corruption and greed someday…

Today I am on the brink of collapse
As they divide me into portions of a meal
But would their hunger ever be satiated???

But each time an innocent little child salutes at my flag
The dreams in his eyes, take me back to that fresh breath of freedom
That I once experienced…

The sound of my anthem stirs up national spirits
And melodious praise of my youth…
The sounds of ‘Jaye He’, ‘Vande Matram’ and ‘Sare Jahan Se Acha, Hindustan Humara’ brim me with hopeful tears of glory…
And oh! The whiff of patriotism then…
It stirs my soul giving me hope
That the dawn is not too away from the dark

I wait for my freedom yet again…

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