Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mighty One: MINUS ONE!

One step can lead.

One thought can inspire.

One idea can trigger.

One moment can create.

One dream can awaken.

One move can win.

One nod can embolden.

One word can touch.

One drop can quench.

One act can evolve.

One story can inspire.

One smile can speak.

One song can heal.

One belief can win.

Such is the power of ONE.

And one such initiative is ‘minus 1’.

Be a part of this GREEN MOVEMENT.

And ADD your bit towards MINUS 1.

Go Green, Go MINUS 1.

What a bright idea. Something very relevant to our daily lives. So, we don't have to stop taking print outs, yet do something about saving paper, saving trees, saving environment and saving earth. Thus contributing in our way to a better future. ONE brilliant idea.

Also, we must start using both sides of the paper. And instead of getting fresh notepads issued from office or buying them, we can customize one for our daily scribblings.