Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Stronger than yesterday

What makes me weak, makes me strong too.

Strife imparts strength.

Pain lets me empathize.

Loneliness helps me introspect.

Tears keep me human.

Hurt ensures that I am ‘all by myself’.

Nothingness gives me space to gaze and gauge.

Failures make me sit-back & relax.

I unlearn the worn-outs to learn the new.

I relish each moment, love meeting people.

I am building a library of experiences.

I observe and appreciate.


I emerge stronger every day, a little less weaker than yesterday.


  1. Simply left me speechless. I cud actually feel the energy flowing in my veins. Feels like that pain in the neck and shoulder is retreating n I m as new as a butterfly freshly coming out of pupa... :) Its really good to have you in my life amigo... :) big hug.

  2. thnx a tonnes anshul. your words mean a lot to me :)

  3. Just what I need! Perfect words - just what everyone needs! LOVELY :)