Friday, February 24, 2012

Break that cozy shell of comfort now!

We all are lazy bums at some point in time, at least I know I am. 

Taking risk is challenging and so is stepping out of your comfort zone. But evolution you see is impossible to stop. Life is fast and change is certain. Every second you have millions of different news pieces being covered and drafted, websites going live, people succeeding, businesses being inaugurated, movie scripts being written and yes, the situations keep changing, each and every time.

When you though a good paying job would make your life settled and you got settled in that much needed job, soon a change in boss or role requirement would need you to push your limits. After joining the course you always wanted to pursue, you’ll be required to have a healthy competition amongst your peers to make it to the top. And if you are amongst those who like to be their own boss, starting up your own business will not only demand you to play different roles but also find the motivation to drive it every day.

Here’s an excerpt from the book I read again today, “Who moved my cheese by Spencer Johnson”

So, stop playing safe and enjoy the discomfort, because success comes with a little unease. Strife is a prerequisite to achievement, and to keep achieving in life we need to keep striving. So, each time you get comfortable and settled in something, be ready to stretch. And to do so you need to break that cozy shell of comfort now!

I know, "it's easier said than done", but then "where there's a will, there's a way."

Happy changing and chasing the cheese :)