Monday, February 6, 2012

Go for it.

When life gets boring and mundane, surprise yourself.
When you lay dormant in your comfort zone, push yourself to the edge.
When usual gets monotonous, try random things.
When you feel lost, pick up one thing that will bring you back to life and go for it.

A shot, gives you a new aim, so you can focus and for once take a chance of doing something that you haven’t dared till date.

Challenge your limits, face your fears and break your zone of ease and plunge into an undiscovered territory of you.

Don’t let apprehensions make you conscious. Allow no worries to hold you back. Shake off the thoughts and memories that bind you…and go for it.

So, even if you fail tomorrow, you’ll never regret of not trying.


  1. What a fun post and thanks for reminding me to surprise myself and have fun in my day!


  2. haha, brilliant! Just what we need, a li'l fun in our monotonous lives :D and LOVE that cartoon up there! 'Pee in all the sinks'...rofl...HILARIOUS!