Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Happy International Dance Day!

Pumping, thumping, racing, tapping, swaying, jumping and grooving. My soul compels my body to plunge into the celebration of life called dance. Each time the music plays (within or outside), the dancer within rises to loosen all apprehensions and snap the strings that bounds me. I rejoice everything I am, and I am not, when I dance. It is when I dance, I get to meet the unseen, real and raw me, who loves just going with the rhythm. I feel every beat with my heart pounding out and making each breath precious to keep it going. I stretch and squeeze, fall and rise, move in all directions and express feelings that lie locked within. Dear Dance, you bring the performer out in me with a faith that ensures creativity is unlimited.

While they say dance like nobody is watching you, I rather believe that when I dance, the world must watch me in jubilation. Happy International Dance Day!

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