Monday, April 6, 2015

The Disconnected Connect

Little time and many distractions have already left 24 hours in a day quite less for us. Being too prone to information in a swipe and just a few taps on our latest gadgets has reduced our attention span to a few seconds. Like the many tabs on our browser screen, several scattered thoughts and wants clog our mind-space. We greed for a little of everything, and the race to achieve it all unknowingly leads us into a relay of display. Check-ins, selfies, posy-pictures, and more of these sociable displays of our oh-so-awesome-life have become a routine and mandatory addiction, which when avoided leaves us attention deprived. More than capturing the essence of the moment spent with your favourite people and preserving a memory in a picture, it appears like a validation of our happening lifestyles. Mindless imitations have distorted the true state of happiness. Our messed up perceptions now project fake expectations that are triggered by looking at other’s social display of their oh-so-awesome-life, which when not met leaves us foiled. Believe it or not we are now living in an unknown state of instant ‘constant comparisons’. These, our virtual acts are becoming the cause of real time rifts in our relationships, also our thought process.

The physical touch has been easily swiped clean by calibrated digital devices. So, a real get together happens after a longer span than a quick group chat. An invite is rather emailed, clicked and whatsapped or an event is created more conveniently than actually being hand delivered. Though we have amassed a lot of friends on social platforms, but when we are low we have no shoulder to cry, no human support but just beeping phone with a feeling of being stuck in a void.  

Though none of us will be against it completely (neither am I), but each of us are both addicted and affected by the same in certain ratio. While these virtual platforms span the distances of different time zones and yet keep us connected and updated about even our acquaintances or not so liked people and distantly related ones too, it yet keeps us disconnected. Which otherwise might be okay, but is changing the definition of relationships and value time spent with your dear ones. Thus, making the whole affair a Disconnected Connect!

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