Wednesday, November 21, 2007


In this competitive world where everything is relative and comparative. We all at some stage or the other face comparisons with those ahead of us and better than us. And sometimes it gets so worse that you cry, yell and say –LET ME BE ME. That’s what this poem is all about.

Let me be me

Brimmed with dissatisfaction
I am unable to achieve
The hard-work, not getting paid off
Luck deceives

Burdened with expectations
Competition so fierce
My in-capabilities choke me
I’m unable to breathe

I dwell in darkness
Lights blind me
I run away from my shadow
I just want to be lonely

Compare me not to anyone
I am not worth it please
Release me off, this juxtaposing showcase
Let me be me.


  1. Hey, you reminded me that you used to write beautiful poetry... this one is really special...says a lot too...i am impressed :)
    i can't believe you haven't been blogging all this time...Welcome!

  2. thanx neha...for those kind words.
    do keep writing in for feedbacks haan...both +ve n -ve.

  3. Lovely himani.. my favorite of all your poems.