Wednesday, November 21, 2007


We all have a friend in common in our lives and that is solitude. And how blissful it is to have solitude in times of introspection.
We ask this friend of ours, come whatever may don’t ever abandon us till we are alive and let only death part us away.


In you fellowship, oh! My friend
I feel complete and content
Masks of deception are pulled out
Thoughts flow quitting apprehensions

In times of hardship
When no one cared
Abandoned me in despair
No one lend an ear to my woes
All friends turned into foes
You oh! Solitude, stood by me
Instilled hope and solidarity

Enlightened my soul
To connect to LORD
Recognized my potential
Re-ignited my spirit
Sowed faith
Imparted confidence
Acquainted me, with my lost self

Obliged I am, for you support
Request you in the name of GOD
Solitude Forsake me not
Solitude Forsake me not…


  1. Hey...sometime back i wrote my take on solitude as i could relate to the post even more
    very articulate...even though i am not a big poetry fan...i still liked it very much :)
    hope to read more good stuff from u

  2. Very less people understand what solitude really means and its importance... your words have done justice to it... :)

  3. 2007, tab to tu bacchi thi. How could you write so well.. Im sure I didn't even know what solitude meant few years ago..leave apart writing a verse on it. what vocab!