Wednesday, November 21, 2007


This is a poem describing the state of a writer at times when he feels the urge to write but can’t figure out what to write. At night when all are asleep and it’s silent, he concentrated on the pin drop silence as if it’s going to tell something to him and he is all ears to it. Suddenly silence brims him, he senses peace, which puts him off to bed.


I picked my pen, to write few lines
Give words to thoughts and feelings divine
Still not sure of what to scribble
No bold issues, no striking titles
Yet something inside, tells me to go on
Listen to the voices around.

May be they have something to say
Some secrets to disclose, some messages to convey
It’s rare, when they break their silence to words
Violate rules, take time to converse.

As I lend an ear to them
They engulfed my soul, with warmth of content
Giving rest to thoughts
Putting feelings on hold
Evacuating Black Chaos within
And brimming it with White Peace
They put me off to bed
A slumber, so calm and deep.

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